Does Physics prevent scaling?

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  • Hi.

    Ran into this problem today:

    I have an objects with the physics behaviour. I would like to change it's width and height (or scale) to simulate a bit of Z-axis movement.

    The problem is that when I change the dimensions of an object during a physics movement, the movement stops for a moment. And if I do that every tick, then no physics movement takes place at all.

    Any solutions to scale&move simulatneously?

  • Can you increase the time from every tick to maybe 10 times a second for the scale (which might give construct time to recalculate the physics assuming this is the case)

    If the scale is only to simulate z movement then maybe you could add physics to a sprite and overlay that with a second scalable sprite

    physics pin

    obviously the physics will only effect the physics object and the overlay will only react to what the physics object does...

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  • Just a guess: After setting the width and height, try copying over the speed of the object.

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