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  • Hi :)

    I just try to play to undertand how it works when sprite have Physics and platform behaviour.

    I check for FAQ for this but haven't found the answer (even in the topic about Physicy and Platform) :(

    So i try to make a box with a ball rolling on the side it is. Sols are controlled by the Mouse (the calculation of angle aren't good but is enough to test)

    When the ball is on the bottom horizontal bar that works but when gravity angle change gravity had a strange behaviour. The ball do not slid to the side where the bar is the more "splone" (i don t know if the word is the good one)

    I would like to share the test project but i can't write any url

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  • Post your file in, for example, copy the 'share link' there and click in 'insert link' here. Better if the file is here.

    If I understand well your problem, try to use physics in all objects. In the platform set immovable yes, and the other objects set no.


    If i understand, it's already configured like you said.

    I have :

    -4 sides with behaviours : solid and physics(immovable is set to Yes)

    -1 ball with behaviours : platform and phisics(immovable set to No)

  • platform and physics do not interact with eachother at all.

  • Is there a solution to have the behaviour expected?

    Or it's impossible for now?

    I try to play with attribute but i found nothing... :(

    That's sound so bad...

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