Physics objects fall through ignoring platforms

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  • The physics object and the platform itself have the solid behavior, and the physics object still goes through it. Any solution other than applying the platform behavior to the object and disabling the controls?

  • Come ON, what's so hard about this question?

  • Physics and Platform behaviours do not mix. They are not part of the same detection set.

    Either use Physics OR Platform(Solids, Jumpthru), but not both.

  • Yeah, I get it. Now how do I make my physics object not go under the layout? Why doesn't it detect my Solid objects? How do I fix it?

  • There is some very good documentation on the physics behavior, as well as a few good templates built-in to C2 that should answer all your questions.

    The physics behavior will interact with other objects that have the same behavior, so a platform should have the physics behavior with the immoveable property set to yes.

    BTW, as constantly mentioned by Ashley and the mods, you should wait up to 24 hours before bumping your own thread, and being obnoxious about not getting an immediate response is guaranteed to get you ignored very quickly.

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  • Not just that I found it out already by myself and now I am losing reputation? Hell

  • PHysics does not detect solid, that was already stated, you need to assign physics with infinite mass (non-movable) in order for it to stop other physics objects. Reading the manual and tutorials would have already solved this for you.

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