Physics: objects blasting through each other

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  • Here is what I am facing. I have a family of objects named "Discs". I want the discs to all have physics and collide and bounce off each other, except when a red disc and a blue disc collide. Then I want the one that is spinning faster to destroy the other one and continue through.

    Like this:

    <img src="" border="0" />

    Is there a way to detect a collision and prevent the resulting rebound?

  • I had a similar problem with a tank game, if you ran over the bullets, they would get stuck in your wheels. :D

    You can selectively turn off collisions between certain physics objects, but they'd need to be different sprites.

    So if your blue disc is turning into a red disc, you'd need to swap them out and get the newly spawned red disc to inherit the velocity / rotation of the blue disc.

  • I eventually decided that the work I was putting into this wasn't really worth it. I kept the bullets deflecting as they were and it's still pretty fun. It actually created a new strategy in the game where you could set up some stationary discs to defend your base.

  • If you destroy one sprite on collision doesn't the other sprite carry on uninterrupted?

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  • Oddly enough, no. The order of actions seems to be:

    1. Physics detects collision

    2. Physics are applied

    3. Collision event is raised in Construct

  • Use colliding at offset, using the physics objects movement vector as the offset and test for collision before they collide, as it were. :)

    That way you can turn off collision on the one you want destroyed.

  • physicsDestroy.capx (r115) In this simple example the 'destroyer' sprite never bounces off the sprites it hits for me. But maybe it depends on speed or framerate.

  • Maybe it is something that is fixed in the Beta release. I am running the official release path right now (so I can't open your file)

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