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  • hey gang

    im trying to figure out how to approach what I need to do. Id like to create a game that has planks that are fixed in the center kind of like a teeter totter, but there will be many of them in parallel links...think of several planks in parallel one above the other each fixed to the background at the center with a pin or a revolute joint, and then links that connect each plank to the one above it at the ends....

    I want to be able to have the player be able to control the position of this array of planks with a touch control and the goal would be to use the tilt of the planks to control a ball that rolls down the planks

    it seems physics would be the way to do this, but I am having touble coming up with a way for the player to control the position of the planks...ideally it would be a click and drag kind of think but that seems to have problems when using physics......

    any thoughts?



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  • search for "drag" along with "grid" there are some examples of people making things align to a grid.

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