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  • Hey,

    Is there a way to make Physics Layers so that a physics object will only collide with another physics object if its on the same layer as it?

    Or simpler, make it so a physics object doesn't collide with 'x' object, but with all others?


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  • NO, Physics in C2 uses Box2D which has it's own entire world. There is no way to effectivly way to mix, match or be selective. Physics has to be treated as it's own existence.

    The only way to do so would be to write a new Physics plugin that takes advantage of bitmasks with C2 Physics plugin doesn't :|

  • From the manual:

    Enable/disable collisions

    By default, all Physics objects collide with each other. You can disable collisions between the object and another Physics object so they pass through each other. This affects all instances of both object types. Note: enabling collisions again when objects are overlapping can cause instability in the simulation.

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