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  • Hello all,

    So a relatively big set of questions, my aim is to set up movements, interactions and physics to a basic degree and then start integrating my artwork. I have scoured the forums for the answers to my questions and come up somewhat short.

    I understand basic use of the platform and physics behaviours, looking around the forums and tutorials though I know you should not use the 2 together (confirmed by my own attempts, noobish as they are). So I am trying to figure out what my options are, the intent is to have a game which allows the following:

    Platformer movement: left,right,jump,rope(with swinging physics)/wall climb

    Environment interaction: Push/pull, bounce(as in trampoline or bendy branch), swing(rope), pickup/throw, vehicle physics (character jumps in and controls).

    Events: things like door and enemy A.I. triggers, character picking up and using "weapons"

    So there is going to be a fair bit I need to learn and figure out, which I am aware will take time.

    But I am already a bit thrown and confused with regards to the interactions, why use the existing platform behaviour when it renders physics interactions null and void? And if it is better in this regard to setup your own character movements, please show me how.

    I have followed the creating a platformer tutorials but they use the platform behaviour.

    I dont know if I am asking too much, but my strength is in the art department and I need all the help I can get.

    Thanks in advance.

  • For what you are after, there is nothing wrong with setting up your own platformer movement with physics. It will surely help you in the long run, even though it will take a little longer to set up.

    In regards to 'how', just apply a force at angle when your left/right keys are down, and the x velocity is below the top-speed. Apply an impulse upwards on your jump key.

    That's the basics of it, feel free to ask any more questions!

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  • Hi Sqiddster,

    Thanks for the reply, I kinda got what your saying and messed around to get the character moving, a couple issues if you don't mind. To get him falling and jumping to the way I want it to look I put an every tick gravity on, gravity is 30 which seems to make other objects fall fairly realistically, is this the right way to go about it?

    How do I get him to not move so far (left and right)in the air? Also how do I stop him from being able to jump while in the air (it is currently more like he is flying). I'm guessing it has something to do with the x velocity but not sure where or what settings to use for that.

    Appreciate if you could help me get his basic movement down, from there I have seen a few tutorials around on interactions.

    Here is the capx

    Cheers mate

  • Hiya, any ideas, if someone could help me set up the initial movement physics I can hopefully learn from that and build the environment around it. As far as I can tell there isnt a tutorial which describes how to set up this basic functionality. It would be helpful to all noobs like myself I think.


  • No takers? If I could setup physics movement to emulate the platform behaviour I am halfway there. I have horizontal movement somewhat sorted, need to stop multi jump as it seems more like flying, and perhaps quicker falling speed without huge gravity.

    Knowing the "right" way to do this from someone who knows what they are doing would be great.

    Any help is appreciated.


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