How do I use the physics forces for movement?

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  • Hello,

    I have a sphere (player) what is bouncing always by physics. I want to control it with left and right arrow. It's working when I go to right with this:

    right arrow is down

    • Apply Physics force (force X + 1)

    I can set the maximum "speed" by this:

    Player; compare velocity on X; greater than 150

    • Apply physics force (force X - 1)

    It's working properly, but when I use it with left movement (I tried to use opposite values) it's happened something weird. I'm almost sure that the problem is:

    left arrow is down

    • apply physics force (force -1)

    . The "-1" value not working well but I have no more idea how can I use this force to left movement.

    I use a variable to separate the left and right movement, so the program makes a distinction between these two side.


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  • Just use "Apply force at angle".

    Use 0 for movement to the right and 180 for movement to the left.

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