Physics - destroy when item crashes to a stop

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  • I have an item that I want to destroy when it crashes to the ground. It however must not die on contact with the object that is between it and the ground. Because of this I can not use collisions. I have unsuccessfully tried the following:

    Given the object a Boolean variable called "Falling" and set this to false.

    In the event sheet I then do the following:

    Test If the velocity of the item is > 1 then set "Falling" to true.

    Test if falling and velocity is = 0 then destroy object.

    I have tried this on the sprite in the "Template-PhysicsCatapult" but it doesn't work

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  • You could test for the items Y position. If item1.Y is greater than or less than item2.Y or test if the two items are overlapping each other.

  • Just make a "On collision with object" : "Destroy" code, and enter the ground object. You cannot have the same object for the ground and the other object, but you can copy the one you have and rename it ground.

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