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  • How can i use the physics behavior and still let the object move forward?

    Apply force doesnt work how i want it,

    since i need the object to move at a constant pixel per second rate.

    Basically the Move Forward is what i need,

    but then the Physics behavior wont work.

    • Conti

    (the object i want to move should be movin like a tank)

  • A tank doesn't go from standing still to a constant movement at once, does it?

    Physics has a lot of properties, like gravity, elasticity, friction. You could play around with these.

    You could also set your tank as an immovable object and move it with move forward or any other move command if physics shouldn't affect it, but it should affect physics.

    Is this a top-down or side-view game and is using physics uour best choice? Platform behaviour and bullet behaviour also have gravity, so for some games choosing either of those would be better.

  • Its a Side view game.

    The problem with the platform behavior is,

    that it doesnt set the angle of the tank.

    If it drives up a hill,

    it also should have set the angle so it looks realistic.

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  • SgtConti

    Heloo :)

    Did you find any sollution to your problem ?

  • stefanos yes,

    i just used Velocity (If you use it, you should make it with dt ;) )

    Works as i intended it to work.

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