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  • Hi guys!

    Just wondering if anybody can tell me why my game slows down if an object with physics if it plays an animation?

    It just seems odd. I've tried to set it so that the collision polygon is the same throughout, but it does seem to automatically stretch every now and then to fit the character. This would make more sense to me if the object was touching a wall or something while it is animating, but it's just falling down.

    Maybe it's just my PC. Can anyone else check this for me? Just load up the game and click somewhere on the screen.

    Game Link

  • I dont really know what you mean by "my game slows down", but I have tried your game and your game plays just fine without slowing down. But I notice that the object slows down a bit when it plays the animation. Once it's over, it's normal again. I compare it by creating another physics object without animation, and the new object falls faster than the old one.

  • I think THIS POST from Ashley answers your question.

    Basically, as Ashley has/is always saying, use an invisible sprite with the relevant behavior and pin the animated character to it.

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  • Interesting... using this method I have been able to keep the speed up, thanks! What an unusual bug. Oh well, only required a couple of extra lines :)

    Thanks a lot!

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