Physical fall down from enemys

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  • OK, i make a plattformgame and the player stands in the middle of the floor on a second invisible floor (solid) and the enemys (bulletbehavior) runs to the player.... OK, all fine! It runs! But now i have the problem that when i shot on the enemy i will that he stop runs and fall down in physical correctness. How can i make these? I know thats on the examples but i have the problem, that when i will open the capx dats (only examples) i must go online for this (steam). but when i go online cant open the dats, too... :(

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  • Give him a physics behavior that is disabled until he is shot, then activate it and stop his other behavior (or if he has platform behavior, allow him to fall-through the floor if that makes sense).

    I haven't tried this before though, but I think it's possible.

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