Physic problems with a SMB engine

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  • Hello everyone!

    I found this great SuperMeatBoy engine on YouTube:

    But I'm not really good at coding (the reason why I'm using C2). Now here's the problem.

    In comparison to the original SMB, this engine is too "smooth" I tried many things with the gravity and acc+deceleration but couldn't figure out how to make the engine better.

    The square is flying around like a leaf. You can't feel the mass. I hope it's understandable.

    Can you guys take a look at this and help me out?


  • Increasing the gravity will make the object fall more quickly (it s vertical downward acceleration is bigger), when it fall down like you think it should, change the jump strength, so the jump height is good, the max speed, acceleration and deceleration will help you controlling the horizontal aspect of the character, a little acceleration will feel heavy and hard to move, a little deceleration will make the object slide before stopping when no input is acting on him, and the max speed is the maximum horizontal speed.

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  • Thank's Aphrodite. I increased the gravity and the jump strength. That works good. The only problem now is the walljump. The reaction from the player is too late. It's hard to perform another walljump after jumping on a wall.

  • There have been posts and tutorials on wall jumps, just search the forums.

  • Hello, I'm the one who made the SMB engine. I recomend you to try to understand how all the events in the event sheet work before changing values, If you change only one value without adjusting the rest accordingly you will start to have a lot of problems. I made the engine more "floaty" compared to SMB, because for me Meatboy felt too heavy. If you want to make it heavier and keep the agility of movement you will have to adjust ALL values. Some conditions in the event sheet depend on the values I set, so if you change a value without adjusting the rest, some events wont trigger.

  • lmchucho Thanks for the answer! I think I figured it out now. As you said, I had to change many values.

    Your engine is a good start for a platformer. Thank's!

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