Phonegap and webstorage problem

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  • Hi,

    In compiling in phonegap cloud the webstorage works perfectly, but when I build the app on computer with eclipse and phonegap it saves values only while the app is running, but when I exit and come back the values are not saved.

    Is there something I need to add to local construct2 phonegap export code to get it working or am I missing something?

    and I build phonegap locally because at the moment it seems the only way to add mobiads, since ludei ads work only for premium members and phonegap cloud doesn't have that option yet.

  • I had a problem in eclipse and phonegap when adding admob. The ad call was conflicting with loading up the stored variables on my Ninja Fart Hero game for android. I needed to add a delay of 8 seconds in eclipse before the admob module booted. That way the storage had time to load in first. Probably a similar thing happening with your ad call.

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  • Hi,

    I'll look into that, but right now, it doesn't save webstorage even without admob.

    Is there some setting on local build that I should change? config.xml or?

    Ninja Fart Hero is great game by the way

  • Just tested on another phone, it works on android 2.3, but on latest android, when I exit, the webstorage doesn't save?

  • Problem was phonegap version 2.6, it has a bug that breaks persistent saving, it should be fixed on version 2.7. So better use 2.5 until then.

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