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  • This is my first forum post so hello all <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> .

    I am trying to get my Construct 2 game Box Dive to work with PhoneGap. I have everything working well except when i run Box Dive on my ipod touch after running it through PhoneGap. I have a white line that goes all the way down the right side of the screen as if its showing past the game canvas. It looks like its because when i run the game it displays the little menu at the top of the screen that shows ipod the wifi symbol, the time, etc. but when i run other games that menu isn't there. My canvas dimensions for the game are 640x960 as they should be for the newer ipod touches and iphones. Anyone know how to fix this any advise is appreciated.

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  • OK i got it working by making my background image stick out on the side i had the white line on and it fixed it. But is it bad to have an image run outside of your game canvas? Example have an image that is 700x960 on a game canvas that is 640x960 as that is what i did. I am aiming to release the game for Ipod touch/Iphone/Ipad.

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