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  • Hi, i'm exporting my construct 2 project to phonegap in order to take the .ipa file to test and in the future publish in apple store. The problem is that the phonegap performance seems very low due to fps rate. In order to know if this is my project or the phonegap service i want to know 2 things:

    ? This .ipa file that i installing on iphone has the same performance as a native app? (If the performance is the same, how could a game with 2mb run lower than a game with 170 for iphone (Oceanhorn)).

    ? How can i increase the performance? (Actually i reduced the game size to 1,1Mb and it still run slow)

    EDIT: The game runs really well on iphone browser previewing over wifi.

  • First, define "native app".

    If by this you mean something that uses the hardware acceleration, then no, PhoneGap doesn't support this (however the filesizes are extremely small), therefore the performance cannot be improved to "native" levels, unless you utilize a different export option (e.g. CocoonJS, but you'll get about another 10-20 additional megabytes to the download size + an annoying splash screen + no support for the older versions of android). Software rendering is slow.

  • Phonegap really is not a good option for making games. I've used it on simply word search apps and it worked ok, but that was pushing it.

  • In my opintion the cocoonjs user experience is 100x better than phonegap's - frame rate and rendered image quality. The down sides are the awful load time and the flickering splash image (amateur). You never know, however, in the same way we're waiting for mobiles to become more powerful to allow html5 browser games to work at 60fps, the same improvement in technology might make phonegap more viable as well.

  • It would be nice if you take your time to test WizCanvas plugin for PhoneGap

    It requires to implenent on native language editor such as Java for android and Objective for iOS and call WizCanvas function via javascript before to compile executable file, it could be a worth to test and let's see the results.

    I'm sorry, I have no experience to build game with PhoneGap with plugins.

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  • Thanks for the responses guys. I'll try to use cocoonjs to export my projects.

  • mahirosan I think you can't increase performances with phoneap :/

    i was trying that for a long periode without any results !

    i advice you to export your game with cocoonjs it's faster x10 times ,

    for phonegap i think C2 should integrate something to boost the speed ,

    as Joannesalfa said adding wizCanvas plugin would be a nice solution , im trying to integrate it with C2 game but it seems to be not easy :p

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