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  • Its been awhile since I have used C2, so is a bit rusty. I normally used Intel XDK for mobile apps, but sadly that have stopped, so have tried using Phonegap instead.

    I got everything installed and can create a new project inside Phonegap like the "Hello world" tutorial and run it fine. But whenever I export a project from C2 (Export as Cordova) and try to add it to Phonegap it doesn't show up in the list. I have compared the config.xml files between my program and the hello world example and they seem very different. My program is just a project with a button that doesn't do anything.

    Does anyone know how to make Phonegap work with C2, as Im pretty sure that they should be compatible as far as I understand it. Thanks

    Ps. What the hell happened with the design of this forum? its a complete mess of colors, its very confusing and looks terrible :D

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  • I recently got back into it too and I'm not a fan of the layout.

    As for c2 and Phonegap. That can be a bit annoying depending on what plugins you need. However, sounds like you just are using the 'export to' incorrectly. I cant remember the export options. One of them is either phonegap or cordova. Use that. Then zip it into a zip file before uploading to Note you will likely need to adjust a file before zipping to include phonegap plugins correctly to make sure the correct plugin is used and that phonegap build uses the right version.

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