Phonegap IAP set up but bought product cannot be retrieved.

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  • Hello guys!

    I set up Cranberries Phonegap In-App Purchase plugin (plugin version 2.0.32, Construct 2 R195). The APK was build via Intel XDK. It's working fine as a Beta-Test in Google Play. The IAP product can be purchased.

    However, the purchased product is not remembered. When the App is closed and re-opened, the user does not have the In-App Product any more. Trying to buy it a second time doesn't work. It results in an "Alert" message via the browser object I set up (browser>Alert>Purchase failed).

    I went through all the tutorials, read and reread forum posts & the phonegap instructions but can't figure it out. Does anybody spot where I did the mistake? I would appreciate any hint so much

    Here are screenshots of the Google Console In-App section & C2 of all actions related to the In-App Purchase:




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