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  • Hey everyone,

    I've been using phonegap plugin to access leaderboard for my android games. However in the latest game it keeps showing unknown error when trying to login. I am using the same events and codes from the previous games so I have no idea what went wrong. All the games are signed and exported using intel XDK with Cordova.

    The events are simple:

    On touch "Google Play Object" and Phonegap is not logged in: Phonegap Login

    It worked for all my previous games but just for this one, it keeps showing "Unknown Error"

    When I click on the object, it shows that it's trying to connect but after a few seconds it shows that error.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

  • i got the same error with the scirra Phonegap plugin, solved it by using the Google play plugin made by Cranberrygame

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  • fldr: The Cranberrygame's plugin is Phonegap Game.

    mrneko: I've the same error. I'll follow this thread. If I figure out the solution, I'll post it here.

  • Oh sorry, i thought its about the scirra Google play plugin.

  • fldr: No problem.

    Could you explain to us what you did to make Phonegap Game to work?

  • ok, but i guess you two already did the same but here is how it works for me:

    -at first i set everything at google play up, like achievments

    -then i filled in the game id in phonegap plugin properties

    -made an event like shown below

    you can see it working like this in my games Find the Fruits and Adventurerun, in Find the Fruits this event is triggered at start of layout while in Adventurerun its triggered when you press on the button.

  • fldr

    Thanks for the update. Yes I did that but it didn't working. I even copy the same code onto a new game and it's working there. I posted on the plugin page but no reply from the developer yet. Been looking for alternate solutions but that's the only plugin that I can use to implement Leaderboard because I am building with Intel XDK.

  • All


    got same here

    i use same event as RenatoB , on start of layout if game is nt log in > log in

    but always got this error after lunching the game on my phone

    it is related to the plugin ?

  • matrixreal

    From what I've read around it should be related to plugin. Someone suggested to re-link the game service on Google Play linked app. I did that too but didn't work for me. I think it could be something to do with the signing certificate.

    Did you build your app before or after you create the game service?

    I'm asking because when I built the first version of the app, I forgot to change my APP ID and used the one from my previous game. After that I changed it and it stopped working. All the other games that had the correct APP ID on the first build are all working properly. Just my speculation but it really doesn't make sense that this is happening.

  • ok, but i guess you two already did the same but here is how it works for me

    You're right. Maybe the problem is in the Game Service setup (Plays Store). Can you post some screenshots about these configurations?

  • sure, from what exactly? but i only created the service and then made some achievments

  • Hi,

    I got exactly the same issue with Cranberry's Game plugin.

    Maybe anyone found a solution?


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