Phisics and 8Direction

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  • Hi guys! My name is sdrrv and i really need your help.

    I am new here, and my first language is not English is portuguese so excuse me if i occasionally write something wrong

    So i am trying to make a game where my sprite e falling and he needs to avoid colliding with objects. To make my sprite "fall" i am using Phisics! its working pretty well! The only problem is that when i try to move right or left using the 8 Direction the gravity that is pulling my sprite down(Phisics) just stop working! and my sprite only moves to the rigth or left! I want the sprite to move right while he falls down!


    Thank you for your time

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  • As has been stated in the manuals and throughout the forum, you should not rely on any other behaviour interacting as expected when it also uses physics. Movement should be done with using the available physics actions.

  • Thank You very mutch! I used forces to move the sprite!

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