Persistent player and one-time spawning

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  • Hi everyone,

    currently pondering how I would make a player spawn only once in a layout that i want to revisit later on.

    Say you'd have multiple layouts each of which you could spawn in, but being able to go over into any of them with your persistent player object, but then you'd not want to spawn another player, of course.

    So OnStartOfLayout>spawn wouldn't work. Reusing one event sheet with a single onStartOfLayout would still repeat when I switch layout, right?

    Would eg a menu-screen layout allow to goToLayout and do the one-time loading? I wouldnt want to keep the menu sheet active/included when on the map, so what would happen if I fired a goToLayout and a spawnAtPointOnLayout, can that work?

    Is there a smarter way of one-time spawning a player?

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  • Create an object that will spawn it, give it the behaivor persistant, and a boolean. If the boolean is true, set to false and spawn the thing, it will stay false for the rest of the game

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