How do I have a persistant layout

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  • So, I want to have the layout 1 persistant, so that everything continues on it when I am on another layout, If anyone could help that would be great

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  • This is not possible, at least i don't know how. What are you trying to do exactly? I think there are

    ways around to find a solution for your case, but you should give more details.

  • Yes, it's possible. But it depends on how you are building your game. The only method I know it's possible is to store every single change made by the player, regarding to the enviromment and everything, to an array and save it AsJSON in webstorage. Then, everytime you start a layout, you have to load the save and it will be updated and create the "persistent" world. However, it's really complicated in my opinion.

  • Ok im making fnaf in construct 2 to see how good i can get it, now, what i want is for the game to detect when the doors are down (already done) but when i switch to the camera it doesnt register that the doors still, how would i make it do this?

  • Make global variables, as they register through all layouts.

    Something like global var DoorOpen = true

    Then when you click to close door, make DoorOpen false. Then vise versa.

    Then you can pull off something like when you close the door, Freddy starts knocking a bit then leaves.

  • Start a new project in C2, search for the template Persistant. This example might be helpfull for your case.

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