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  • hi everybody I'm stuck and I don't know what I do actually I finished my game and I was thought it was the hardest thing but there is another too much things when I export it to windows phone 8 my game become slower and it's stop suddenly and the music don't play

    please I need to your help

    note I read too much tutorials for improve it but there wasn't any change here is it

    https:// www

  • Link doesn't work. It sounds like a serious memory leak! Have a look for spawning an infinite number of sprites, one per tick will do it when you meant to spawn only one total... Also look for a large for-loop running every tick or even an erroneous while-loop.

  • Colludium link works, just remove spaces.


    You've just linked to the exported Windows Phone folder, which is useless for determining if there is a fault in your program somewhere. You would need to 'Save as single file' .capx and provide that for someone to properly help you.

    BTW Are you seriously going to try to use Smurf graphics in your game? I would have thought their lawyers wouldn't look too fondly upon such a thing.

  • Colludium as he said remove spaces.

    zenox98 what problem in smurf I don't understand

    here is capx

    https:// www

    remove space

  • You need to take a look at the windows phone plugin and tutorial by thehen

    Also, please put a descriptive subject/title on your posts. You will get many people who don't read it at all if they can't see what type of issue it is by the title.

    Lat thehen's plugin and tutorial for Windows Phone 8 plugin. You need to use wav files directly for windows phone 8.0 and there are some other issues that you will solve by using his methods as well.

  • BluePhaze I read it and also download it but there was 4 folders one was example and other one was project in vs and plugin folder was int as pic#2 and the last one was windows phone plugin in there was in it like pic#3

    and there wasn't any tool plug in like images in the tutorial

  • and also when i open the file plugin in the windows phone plug in I find same as in plugin file

    where is the tool?????

  • The stuff in the plugin folder is the tool, create a folder in your plugins directory for it, copy those files into it. You can also ask for assistance in that thread as thehen is very helpful. Basically you need to create a folder for the plugin in the C2 default plugins location(see the manual) and then copy the files from thehen plugin folder that you downloaded. Then restart C2.

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  • I will try it thanks for your interest

  • please anyone tell me how I can contact with thehen necessary

    I need his help ASAP

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