Performance Issues with physics engine?

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  • Hey all,

    First off, this is my first post so if I'm posting in the wrong forum, please forgive me.

    Anyway, moving onto the topic at hand, my app works wonderfully on my desktop, but tends to get really laggy as more and more physics objects get onto the screen. Because it's only around 10 objects top on the screen at once, I think I may be doing something wrong.

    Because I don't see a button to upload directly to the forum, here's a link to it on my Skydrive:

    The app is essentially just dropping shapes on a shrinking platform. You have to avoid letting the objects fall off, and you want to survive as long as possible.

    I'm trying to export for a Windows 8 device (and hopefully Windows Phone as well). Does anyone have any advice or tips on how to improve performance?


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  • Looks nice.. but why are you using the bullet behavior on the falling blocks. A lot smoother without.

    Also remove the solid behavior on the objects too.

    Choose circle for the collision mask on the balls

    remove the 2 spare vertex points on the triangle collision polygon. Not sure how much difference that makes though.

  • thanks for the feedback, i'll let you know if it helps the performance issues!

  • pretty sure it was the bullet object that was giving me trouble combined with one of my events.

    Thanks a lot!

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