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  • Need some guidance on the performance issue that I am facing to run the below game on IOS device.

    1) I am rotating two sprites in opposite directions. Both the sprites have rotate behavior. created 16 collider sprites to pin to main two rotating sprites.

    2) Have a sprite with bullet behavior. Need to pass through the main sprites.

    The game works great on PC while testing. But on mobile device it has a lag. The lag becomes more prominent after I have integrated backend components like iAd, Admob etc. I have built for IOS using Intel XDK and also added phonegap WKWEBVIEW plugin which has enhanced the performance of the play a bit.

    Is there any other ideas which I should try out?



  • I have done some more work on the performance issue. Whenever I run a banner ad which has animation ( something is moving) like in iAD, the lag happens. So I moved to text based banner ad from Admob and when it improved a bit. However even on admob, if there are animation based banner it impacts. I may have to completely drop it.


  • If I were facing an issue like this, I would try profiling, which helps figure out what parts of the program are taking the most time. I'm not all that familiar with IOS, but Android devices have a debug mode that lets you run diagnostics from a PC using a USB cable. This looks promising: ... obile-9403

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  • I tried it. I am building the game in Intel XDK and uploading the device. While I am able to collect the necessary data using instrument as in the tutorial , due to lack of sysmbol tables i am not able to make sense of it. Only way would be to build the game in xcode and load the symbols.


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