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  • Hi folks,

    i created a game that is almost done. Android Performance is bad but i prefer to export and play it on Metro.

    Now if a Ball fall out of layout the ball would be destroy.

    When i click on a button than a new Ball will be spawned. And every time a ball destroy and a new one was created the performance drops down. After the 4th creation of the ball the game is unplayable by around 5fps. Dont know why.

    My Notebook has a Core i7 i3610, 8GB RAM, Geforce GTX670M and a SSD.

    How can i improve my performance and what could be the reson for the performance drops.

    kind regards


  • No solution for the problem ?

  • Have you read performance tips?

  • Yes of course and i have things optimized that i can optimize :D . So the beginning the Performance is very good but after the 3rd or 4th attempt the Performance DropsDown. Can i PM you Ashley with a capx file. I recently bought the Personal Edition cause if the Bug is fixed i can release my app into the Windows 8 Store. The App excellence Lab has already called me for a talk because they are very interested in my game :-)

  • if the performance gets progressively worse the longer you play that sounds like somewhere your creating objects and never getting rid of em

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  • Hey,

    now i know that the Debugger of Windows 8 has cause the DropDown. If i run the App native without the Debugger it runs flawlessy fine with no drop downs after some attempts.

    Could be a bug of Visual Studio or an Export Bug from Construct 2.

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