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  • Hi everyone. I?ve been using Construct for a few years now, but still I don?t consider myself a Pro user, I?m adapting to the "2" version the best I can, but my programming and scripting skills are close to 0.

    Anyway, I manage to create a simple game and make it work on my Android cellphone using CocoonJS platform.

    The thing is, that no matter how I try to make the graphics smaller and the code simpler, the final APK is a lot bigger than the normal apps of the kind. And the performance is really poor.

    If anyone could give me some direction on how to improve performance I would really appreciate it.

  • Have you read the performance tips ?

    Could you tell me what kind of game you make ?? I have a lot of experience in creat a platformer game for mobile using cocoonjs.

  • Hi! Thanks, yes I?ve followed this tips like a checklist.

    The game is a set of mini-games tied up on a unifying theme.

    There is one "smasher", one like top down space shooter, and a puzzle.

    Im not using physics, particles, or effects.

    Not using layers blend modes, only 2 to 3 layers per layout and only 12 layouts.

    The only behaviors I use are: Sine, bullet, fade, rotate, drag&drop.

  • Sine, and face maybe rotate behavior may cause the FPS down, as i can see here, the Sine behavior is the most cause down FPS. Check the " space blaster" in "example" folder, try to test it using cocoonjs, friend.

  • Well this could be one major thing. Most of my enemies have Sine behavior in different configurations and at some point they come in hordes so I?m spawning like 15 to 20 objects with this behavior.

    I?ll try to reduce the usage of it and test again. Thanks for the advise.

  • Hi 3divison,

    have you tested with a lot of devices? To become a good perfomance on android devices is very annoying! There are a lot of things to work with. In example I?ve tested my game on two devices, seems to have nearly the same hardware reqierments. But only of one of the devices my game works very well.

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  • No, for the moment I?ve tried in three devices. One is old, first version of Android and it didn?t even run.

    Then I tested in Motorola Defy. Android 2.1 slow performance.

    Samsung Galaxy Ace. Android 2.3 a little faster.

    I know that these are already old devices, but my goal is to make it run in an acceptable framerate for these devices to make a wide compatible product.

    I?m thinking on buying a new Galaxy S3 to see how it goes in a new device.

    Using CocoonJs cloud compilation system.

  • I discovered that the problem is on the load of the game. It?s like is loading everything to memory or something. After 1min if you let the game charge, you will be able to play it with good performance and almost no problems.

    Could this be related to sound & music?. Audio compression, format, quality etc. ?

  • As I understand it, apparently browsers start playing the games before they've finished optimizing the JavaScript (presumably to improve loading times) so performance can be spotty at first, then improve. That sounds a lot like what you're experiencing.

  • I made a major optimization in sprites and sounds but it didn?t improve anything.

    I?m counting 5 to 8 FPS on screen in the Android phone. And in PC its giving me 60.

    It?s a really simple game, pretty much like the space blaster on the C2 example.


    Is it possible to share the Capx project privately with someone in scirra to give it a quick check?.


  • i don't know if it's useful information but generally when distributing html 5 and flash apps on mobile platforms, developers use some sort of middleware as a bridge

    Otherwise I think you'll just about be able to throw a couple of sprites around, i mean we are talking about running HTML so some scalable GL type engine, driven by javascript, that's a lot to ask of a mobile.

    I have yet to get to construct 2 as I am very much enjoying construct classic at the moment, but i defiantly want to make mobile versions of some of my ideas so will investigate construct 2, I imagine there's some hope for a solution of making the game in construct 2 then using the generated code with some middle-ware to make it standalone....

  • Yes this is true, I?m using CocoonJs as a middle bridge.

    And I?m testing in Motorola Defy+ (1ghz CPU and 512Mb of Ram) and Samsung Galaxy Ace (800Mhz Cpu and 278mb of RAM).

    That is a LOT of power.

    I don?t know how can a simple bug smasher game can work at 5, maybe 8fps.

    I?m thinking on getting a Galaxy SIII to test in a new model, but it only goes up to 768mb of ram. Not much of a difference, Although the processor is suposed to be a quad-core of 1.4ghz.

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