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  • hi all

    Is anyone knows is there is a way to improve the performance (fps) without using a third party company such as cocoonjs or appmobi because these doesnt have accelerator plugin for construct2


  • Cocoonjs and appmobi still is the best choice at the moment .

  • Yes maybe but how do you make the accelerator works if they dont accept it if you have a construct2 file ?

  • I?m having performance problems too. I?m using cocoonjs for android, all of the rest are just too slow to even work.

    The thing is that with each layout I add the game gets heavier and heavier. Is there anyway to manage the memory usage so it only loads what it needs at that moment or something like that?.

    I?m having 12 layouts at the moment including all the menu. And I never use more than 3 layers. I really think this game can?t be smaller but still it runs at 10FPS.

    All art sprites were done in PNG24 to get good quality alpha, and backgrounds are at 50%JPG.

    The overall resolution is 480x800.

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  • Hello,

    We are working closely with Scirra to add some texture memory management to CocoonJS. Can't tell a ETA for this right now sorry. I will recommend you to wait for the new release of the CocoonJS launcher and check the new rendering system, maybe (just maybe) we have solved some issues on performance and rendering and you get better results.

    Of course, optimizing your javascript/construct2 project is a good option too. Can't rely on CocoonJS or DirectCanvas to do magic ;).



  • hi iker

    well i talked to Jon Valdes on oct 17 2012 and he told me the accelerometer is ready and will be released last week of this week so actually, all i wanted is to get this accelerometer works on cocoonjs which will fix all performance issues, so i am still waiting to see that released and use it with construct2's projects :)

    thank you


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