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  • I'm trying to get my game to perform better so it can be a phone app. Right now it uses about 1.2GB of RAM in firefox. The game runs at 640x960. There are a lot of sprites and a lot of layouts. My thought was to reduce the size to 320x480. This would involve replacing all sprites with half size files(this is a lot of work) and then globally scaling everything in construct to 320x480(this step can be done easily with a layer scale event). Just wondering if this will work, before I go down this road, or if there are any other ideas on how to reduce the game RAM usage. Also is there a RAM limit, before phone performance is effected?

  • Have you seen performance tips in the manual?

    How big is your game? 1.2 GB is insanely big! I never thought that would even work in a browser, I'm amazed if it does!

    Mobiles tend to only have 50-100mb memory free if you're lucky, so downscaling artwork isn't going to help make a game that big work on mobile. You'll have to redesign your game to work on mobile and scale it down a lot. You should be testing on mobile from the start of your development to avoid situations like this.

    We have plans to add features to load large games in segments per layout so they don't use so much RAM, but we have a long todo list, and if single layouts use a lot of RAM it might not even help.

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  • Thanks for the reply Ashley. Yes I had already read the performance tips, that was helpful, but it doesn't talk about reducing RAM usage. It seems like that would be directly connected to the amount/size of sprites(is it?). I've also since tested in Internet explorer which only uses a little over 100MB of RAM. Firefox must be doing something unnecessary. Seems the same even with the space blaster demo(it uses about 450MB in firefox). Thanks again.

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