How do I make a perfect platformer? (Sarcasm. SIMPLE ?)

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  • Alright, I apologize in advance for the horrible explanation of what I'm trying to accomplish but it's late and my mind isn't fully functional at this very moment. With that out of the way, I'll do my best.

    Sooo, I am creating a side-scroller (posting the .capx probably isn't a good idea, considering its foundation is from the Scirra Store) and the layout wasn't as high as I'd like. I've created a larger layout easily enough, but cannot figure out for the life of me how to change the initial in game viewing area (designated by the brown dotted lines). Ideally, it will start at the bottom left of the layout, instead of the top left in order for the characters to climb instead of descend then climb in every level. Can anybody help me accomplish this?

    Again, I apologize for my simple question with an insanely long explanation. At this time, I cannot think of a way to describe/even search for such a petty concern successfully.

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  • Just give your player the "scroll to" behavior and place the player wherever you want in the layout (e.g. bottom left).

  • Thanks for the quick reply, I'll give that a shot!

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