How do I make the perfect multiplayer game

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  • Hello guys,

    I read the Multiplayer tutorial twice and I have almost undersood it.

    My questions are:

    I read on the forum that there are many multiplayer plugins, is there better to do it with plugins or is better old-school mode?

    How can i make a login/ sign in program,

    For example if i enter a number/name and i play.. and the next time i put the same number/name It remembers me and reloads my data.

    Is better if i host my game with my own PC or should i make a Server (no problem)?

    I am making a tank battle multiplayer game.

    Thank you

  • For the name one, have the player text in their name the first time they play, then save it to a Webstorage value so it will still be there every time they play. The multiplayer part, i don't know because i haven't made a multiplayer game yet.

  • firezombie444

    Could I also put a password on that name and I should save it on a server right?

    not locally.

    Thank you

  • I think you can do that with the text box object, like if player types in whatever their password is, sign in and if they don't spawn text "Wrong username/password". Also, what do you mean by server? Like everyone's names coming up in the game/game lobby?

  • firezombie444

    Server = like a web hosting for the multiplayer game

    But I think about the login and is more simple if i save locally a username or password and on start of the game to check if the username and password exist and login with their username?

    But how can I do this and for example not to be 2 players with the same username ?

    Thank you

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  • I don't know too much about multiplayer, sorry. There is an example capx file for the web hosting and i think there might be one for the usernames too.

  • firezombie444

    Could you help me with this too,



    Thank you.

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