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  • Hi everyone.

    I hope this can work all in an Action (the Condition is already set), I am trying to set a Global Variable called Damage to having a 10% chance of being 150% of its own value. (Essentially a 10% chance of being a critical hit).

    So it would be something like-

    Set Damage to: 90% chance of being Damage and 10% chance of Damage*1.5

    I would also like to do something similar for a missed attack-

    Set Damage to: 90% chance of being Damage and 10% chance of Damage*0

    Thank you!

    Bonus challenge:

    Is it possible to alter that percent chance within the same action? So:

    10(+HeroDexterity -EnemyDodge) in 100 chance.

    I am not very experienced at this kind of logic so I apologize if I am asking the question in a less than helpful way.

  • You probably want to do this in separate events. One determine the type of hit : miss, hit, critical hit. The other set the damage accordingly.

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  • That is one option true, I would just like to avoid it if possible as I would have to undo a bunch of events. Also I feel like learning something new

    The closest I have so far is this-

    Set Damage Value to


    and with the extra variables


    Tried it with some test numbers and seems to work, but would still appreciate anyone letting me know if it needs tuning up, thank you!

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