How do I Make a Peer move?

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  • Problem

    The host is able to move around freely but when the peer moves the peer keeps getting reset back into the same spot the peer was spawned in.


    I've been working off the real time project that came with construct 2 and it seems like everything is fine for the host but the peer is just having a hard time.

    I am able to send text messages though the chat log for both the peer and the host. Both say they are connected so I don't think it's a connection issue.

    In my game I'm trying to use the same movements but without the lasers. it's more of a co-op thing when a pvp.

    Any ideas?

    Side note: I've tired using the real time multiplayer project by it's self and it seems to have a hard time connecting to other users but when I open two web browers it will connect to myself just fine.

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