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  • Hi I don't know if I am in the right area to get help but I have a pretty big issue with my pause screen.

    My game is a combination of driving and turret defense, you have to drive around, while avoiding the enemies, and lure them toward the turrets that will shoot them and kill them.

    I can pause the game no problem, both with the keyboard and with a pause button on the game UI, but as soon as you interact with the pause screen (ie buy a turret upgrade or increase car health) you can no longer un-pause with the keyboard and have to press the un-pause button with the mouse to get the game going again.

    Then when you are un-paused, after buying something, you can no longer control the car.

    does anyone have any idea how to solve this?

  • adding a little .capx file or image of your event sheet would be good. But check out how you are achieving your pause are you using a plugin or just changing time scale? If you are using a plugin, try not to use toggle pause on pause, set the state you want (either pause or run).

    Basically, ensure your pause is only affecting timescale and not resetting any variable as much as possible

  • yeah i should have thought about doing that, im still new to the site.

    heres the link for the .capx

    and as far as i know on my event sheet i am just setting the system time scale to 0 on pause and then 1 on unpause

  • Hi wakkodrummer you could give it a look at the following Pause Plugin by Rex Rainbow, it did work fine for me.

  • I just tried it out, and still no luck, as soon as you press a button to increase stats, and un-pause you lose control of the car

    is it possible that the keyboard is getting disabled somehow?

  • So I found a solution, if I used text objects rather than button objects it removes the issue I've been having.

    I'm not sure if it is good practice to do that but that's the way to fix it I have found.

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  • wakkodrummer - I've had some funky issues using buttons and resorted to text objects or sprites. Glad you fixed it!

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