How do I pause a sine behavior after each full motion?

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  • I want a camera to rotate from side to side, over and over again. The sine behavior works great for that, but what it doesn't allow me to easily do (as far as I know) is to add a pause at each end of the motion. So when it gets to the farthest position on the left side, it pauses for let's say 0.25 seconds, before it starts moving again. The same happens on the farthest right position. How would I do this?

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  • If Ashley did not change it, you can't set the cycle position of the behavior, so controlling the behavior is tedious and sometimes impossible.

    I'd suggest instead of using the behavior to just code the sine movement yourself.

    Nevermind, seems like there is now a set cycle position action. So just check for the cycle position and deactivate it, when it reached half or zero again. After your pause you can activate it again and set the cycle position to exactly 0.5 respectively 0. Still probably would be easier to just code it without the behavior.

  • Thanks, I'll try juryrigging something then.

  • I found the behavior Lite Tween, which works using a modified sine behavior and should allow me to do what I want. It descerns between a Sine Up and Sine Down behavior, so it looks like I could simply set up a wait in between those two behaviors triggering.

  • just want to show that it is not hard to implement something like this yourself without a plugin:

    (there are probably even simpler ways to implement it)

    (saving start time and substracting it from the game time could be more exact for keeping track of the period, I know)

  • Yeah, doesn't look that hard. The LiteTween behavior is very versatile for a lot of things I want, so I'm sticking to it.

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