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  • hi guys,

    i want to ask about how we minimize cpu process when some condition are fullfilled, for example, if the game is paused and we stop the timescale, but we do want to minimize the cpu process by, somehow pause the rendering or something. Anyone have any clue ?


    Cheers from EpicJelly

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  • Yes i'm wondering this too. Had some issue getting it to work with the pokki environment. Not only does it has to pause the rendering but also the music/sound along with it.

  • You can make sure all your events are in groups and disable them. But I wouldn't bother. The game will go in to low-cpu mode if the tab is hidden or the window is minimized. So you shouldn't have to do anything, if the user is not interested in looking at the game it won't be using much CPU.

  • Cryptwalker: so you do have this problem too ? with pokki ? do you have any clue about it ? :P

    Ashley: yea im bit confuse because i already make the timeline paused which means the game just somehow 'stopped' but still i need some method to make it even lower :(

  • Do you really need to worry about this problem? As I said it should go in to low-power mode if you click to a different tab or minimise the browser.

  • Thanks Ashley. This issue is that in the pokki environment, when the app is "minimized", it doesn't trigger it as going into a different tab so therefore it continually runs full process in the background - unlike how it would on a normal browser. I'm currently experimenting with disabling groups to see if this can be detected in the pokki environment.

  • hmm i see..yeah maybe i'll go try to disable all the groups, maybe it can help the problem with pokki, about lowering cpu process when the app is "minimized" just like crypt said. thanks again ashley. :D

  • There is a function for browser conditon if visible. I have tried to mute the audio and set time scale to 0 if hidden, but so far it haven't worked as planned. it won't mute the audio for some reason.



    Seems to be working in chrome but not in pokki. Now if I could make the loading screen visible in pokki.

  • Yeah, still trying to work on that loading screen too. Time is running out though, looks like i won't make the deadline :).

  • yeah about the sound when pokki popup closes still not work, yesterday it was work and then suddenly it wont work at all.. *sigh* we've been working hard to make this game eligible for pokki.. i hope someone has some epic solution to this problem ? :)

  • Well by using the plugin that rex provided here, i was able to "pause" the game and stop the sound/music whenever the popup was minimized. I just couldn't get it to start back up when the popup was reloaded :). I'm also still having issues with displaying the loading screen in pokki. I had a workaround where i display some custom HMTL text and images during the loading, but it increase the height of the popup(during the loading, but disappeared when the C2 game was fully loaded) which the pokki guys didn't approve of either.

    Oh well, theres always next time :).

  • rex said something about "popup_shown" , "popup_hidden" ,"pause" what's that ? i dont really understand how to pass 'popup_hidden', 'popup_shown' event to C2 event sheet ? can you explain to me ?

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