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  • Hi, i began a project longtime ago and i have few more question. But i can't question all in one post ? right ?

    I want in game, you can make a pause (Character,enemies...etc stoped) and menu showing + you can see Character statue...etc

    I tried few time, but nothing working as i want.

    Here my project, i know it's totally unfinished but i'm bored can't make appear the pause menu, and some other problem

    PS : Sorry for my bad english, i'm french

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  • I have this in my perfectly. first, create a global variable called "paused"; start it at 0. on click on pause button, have system set global variable "paused" to 1. then on a new event, have system compare variable "paused"...when equal to 1, set system timescale to 0. make another new event...have system compare variable "paused"...when equal to 0, set system timescale to 1.

    this can be modified in many ways to make it work for you...for instance, you can restore individual object timescales immediately after setting system timescale to 0 so that you can still have button animations and stuff like that.

  • I highly recommend creating a separate event sheet for your pause/menu functions. Then on each layout you right click on blank space and select "Include event sheet" and then the pause/menu event sheet.

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