Pause & Resume in 2 Layouts

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  • Hi all

    pardon me because I am a noob for construct2.

    just think i have 3 layouts

    layout1 - mainmenu

    layout2 - game screen

    layout3- resume menu

    so what I want to do is, while im playing the game using time scale action I want to pause the game pressing "P" in my keyboard and then it should go to "layout3" so how do i call this event?

    can anybody help me out?

    i tried keyboard -> on P pressed | system-> set time scale 0 -> system go to layout3keyboard -> on P pressed | system-> set time scale 0 -> system go to layout3 but it didn't worked

  • can you be more specific?

    keyboard -> on P pressed | system-> go to layout3

    ^ That should work fine, unless their is a specific reason you need time-scale in.

  • Sketchy77

    Thanks for your response, now I have added all the actions which I want to be paused when I press "P" key and made it a group and then created a event

    when I press P > deactivate the group

    [then it will go to another layout and when i press R it will return to the previous layout and activate the group"time scale 1.0"]

    then when I press R > activate the group

    now what I want to do is, when I press R & when it return back to the game layout i want to start the game from where I paused, not from the beginning, how do I do that?

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  • Look at the options for persisting objects between layouts. Read the manual section on save games and persistent objects may help.

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