How do I make pathfinding stop lagging?

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  • I have a movement set up for my character that makes it use custom movement + path finding. Custom movement when mouse button is down, and path finding when once clicked.

    I made it work perfectly as I wanted, but there is one problem with path finding: my character lags when he stops walking and i click him to move again. The character then moves in a very slow speed towards position for like 0.5 seconds and then starts moving normal speed again. This doesn't happen every time, but very often.

    Now, how do I fix this lag? I tested different cell sizes, tried turning off custom movement. But nothing helped.

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  • I had same kind of problem with a game i am working on right now.. I eventually done away with pathfinding because of the issues I was having. I ended up using the bullet behavior because it is smoother and I have more control of it..

    If you figure anything out let me know I would like to use pathfinding if it works correctly...

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