Pathfinding / AI for ultra dummies? any tips?

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  • anyone know any good path finding or AI examples ? I cant even know how to approach this problem. I want the little game dudes to know

    1. what obstacles are

    2. know what a path from a place is to another place and avoid any dynamically spawned objects

    3. know when a path has nothing in it or around it

    4. know how to place a path to a higher priority over another path based on variable decisions (such as the path is filled with danger variables and arbitrary cost)

    Ive barely understood most pathing formula, it involves using a.... x and y based grid? stored in arrays? my brain literally cannot function on this stuff.

    basically i dont know how to manipulate AI into registering their virtual environment from the base level. im watching tons of youtube videos but its not helping me too much without some direct noob 0000000001 construct 2 or similar material since im not a prgrammer to begin with (apparently in real languages it involves creating shit tons of lists and logging each objects positional data)

    how did some of you start when learning about AI and path finding?

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