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  • Hi guys

    I'm making an orthographic kind of game. Its not top view, but 3/4 or something, so I'm trying to simulate the perspective, meaning units walking up and down move slower and moving sideways move faster. That i managed to make quite simply, and i think it feels alright (just changing the pathfinder speed along with the sprite animation for direction).

    My problem is that i cant make the pathfinder find a path, obeying that rules (when destination is up or down, the cost to be higher, and when it's sideways, the cost to be lower)

    Sadly I think i cant do that, not with the pathfinder as it is, and my programming skills at so low lvl as they are.

    Anyways i thought its smart to ask before cutting that out. So anyone have any idea how to do it?


    NB: You can get the idea if you start the game and create a barracks.

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