How do I pathfinder with mouse click rpg

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  • 1.: i think i need one object spawn on mouse click over and over when mouse right clicked. and delete the last one?? < but how?

    2. :with Boolean?

    1. on Right Button clicked

    2. -> Sprite1 X is Isset | Sprite1 Set IsSet to true

    4. ->Else | Sprite 1 Set IsSet to False

    4.Sprite 1 is Set | Sprite 1 Set position to (mouse.x,mouse.Y)

    ______________________|Sprite Set IsSEt to False


    i just i need a pathfinder system with mouseclick... never i used before lol (im noob)

  • With pathfinding behaviour:

    on click > find path to mouse.x, mouse.y

    on path found > move along path

  • yea finaly

    i make it with on right click mouse -- sprite find path mouse.x mouse.y

    on pathfinding path found - move along path ...

    ok this is crap with Obstacles solids... come on with solid (wall) you cant get inside you cant touch it!!!

    what i need to do ?? he look very poor :/ the Cell size is same with Sprite hero?.. cell border -1 ?

    what is the best setup ?? so NEVER NEVER touch the solid!!

  • ty i found it but still look crap this system for RPg

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  • Hey for the hero ? can we see at least the size of hero and the object and its collision size ? you may need to resize the collision for better looks.

    What type of bit are you using 16 or 32 cause that can make a different I know when i was making a click to it was hard so i opted out and did move to + or - 32 pixel in a direction so at least it wouldnt clip the walls

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