How do I Pathfind player centered on grid/tile

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  • I have a path finding movement. I'm trying to make it so this movement is centered on the grid tiles. I have the capx of what I've tried so far, what I have disabled did work but it was teleporting from tile to tile I need the movement of path finding but still have it center on the square its walking through and to. ... .capx?dl=0


    Updated 7/10/15

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  • I'm still looking for any information on this =( I've tried 3 different posts explaining what I'm looking for and still no progress in the right direction. I've even help some people around the forums to make sure I'm giving help where I'm receiving. I'll continue to work the problem on my own but any assistance would be helpful.



  • Hey, I'm not sure if this helps you but. ... man/page-2

    Not sure if you're using the same movement as in this tutorial, but hopefully it helps some what.

  • Thanks for the response, I'm looking for mouse movement is the problem >.< I'm close to solving what I'm looking for but I could still use any tips to make this long drawn out process come to an end. heh...

    I've made some progress with the movement, this is "BASICALLY" what I'm looking for. Two problems I'm currently having are in order to make it center to the tile I'm having to set the X and Y location to the tile when it gets close. This makes the character "jump" or "teleport" I'm trying to make it a little more smooth moving.

    Also while the player is moving he seems to make unnecessary wide turns. I'm going to turn this into an actual player character I feel like its more like a boomerang.

    The above link is fixed or: ... .capx?dl=0

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