How do I do path finding outside the layout?

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  • Hi everyone, happy new year!

    I'm working on a top-down shooter and i'm trying to make the enemies spawn outside the layout and then move along paths on the screen but i'm having problems.

    When i spawn the enemy inside the layout it moves along the path, but if i spawn then outside the screen they dont move.

    Can you guys help me out?


  • I thank you for the help, but i'm new here, i didn't understand how it works. I've installed the plugins and read the example but it is mixed with the screen-shake thing.

    Can you make a capx with just the basic to make the pathfinding work outside the layout?

    Thanks again.

  • Just remove event 3 and delete the ScrollToPlus Behaviour.

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  • Now i've got it!

    But still i have to make the canvas larger to spawn the enemies inside of it, they don't move if spawned outside. The pathfinding target can be outside, but not the enemy.

    Its a good plugin but i could do that with a larger canvas and centering the camera in the middle of the "screen rectangle". But its faster this way.

    Maybe they should look to add that support, it's really annoying to know that you can't do that.

    Sorry for my english.

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