How do I paste or paint a sprite to the background?

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  • I want to paste a series of blood splatter frames so they are permanent on the background like decals.

    any help appreciated

  • I would create a new layer above your background layer and below all other layers. Add the blood spatter sprites where you want them and then lock the layer. This should be exactly what you need.

    On second thought, I am a little worried you may not understand layers. Are you using layers? Do you understand their potential?

  • Yeah I'll have a more in depth look into layers I just thought there may be a action that I could quicky paste the current frame of an animation into the background layer as in the old games factory I think the command was "paste to background" so yeah I'll mess around in Layers I just need to paste a random frame out 5 frames I use SPRITE set animation frame to random(5) and then I just want to paste the random frame thats been chosen into the background like a blood splat on the wall.

  • I believe others have used the Paster plugin for this but I've not used it myself. There's a couple of recent threads I think I've seen.

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  • thanks codah

  • I've been using the Canvas plugin. Spawn the blood splatter sprite, and when the animation is done, use the Canvas: Paste Object into Canvas action, then delete the bloodspatter sprite.

  • I'll try that too bladedpenquin hope its intergrated into C2 as an action in future updates

  • I know the old Games Factory (also Klick&Play and MMF and other Clickteam Products) and the "Patse into Background"-Action.

    As bladedpenguin said, the Canvas-Plugin with the "Paste Object into Canvas"-Action is exactly what you need!

  • And i don't think that this feature will be integrated in C2, 'couse the "Backgrounds" don't works like in TGF.

    In C2 you also can "interact" with "Backgrounds-Objects" (Tiled-Background) - so they count like an "Active Object" in TGF and need Ressources.

    The Canvas Object works realy fine - at the moment i work on an atmospheric Horror-Game and at the Start of the Game, the Ground (Grass, Dirt, Stones,...) will be randomly created on the hole Playfield. But it would be an Ressource-Horror, when there are thousands of Objects on the Screen, so i pasted them into the Canvas and destroy them = only one Object and the Ground always looks new and randomly created

    And when Player moves along, he make Footprints on the Ground.

    These Footprints will be also pasted into the Canvas and destroyed = so i have permanent Footprints, but not more Objects on the Screen.

    You also could do this with Bloodsplatter and other Things.

    (and sorry for my english *g*)

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