How do I pass an instance through a function?

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  • Hi! I am having a problem with multiple instances acting weird and interrupting each other's intended actions. The enemy event sheet contains a number of functions and as far as I understand it functions disregard instance.UID unless it is passed onto the function? So my question is: how do I pass instance UID onto a function to prevent the contents of the function to affect every instance of an object?

    Specifically, when an enemy turns around (turning around is written in a function) every other enemy that don't need to turn around at that moment do so anyway and I guess it's because the function affects every instance because it disregard UID?

    I have searched but the only answers I've found has been very hard to understand or explained poorly.

    Thanks in advance!

    // Elias

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  • Use the Plugin "Function" Parameter Feature. You can pass any value you want to any function.

    Click on "Add Parameter" at Call Function Window. And inside a Function you can use the expression "Function.Param(n)" (n = number / index of added parameter)

    You can also buffer your uid number in a variable.

  • Thanks for the quick answer DAG!

    What I did was:

    1) in the function call I added as a param(0) : "instance.UID"

    2) in the function I picked instance UID by Param(0) ..

    ..and it works! Thanks DAG

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