How do I pass a command from Node-Webkit to CLI?

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  • Well, this is probably a really stupid question.

    From what little I understand about the node-webkit , it seems to be a the building blocks for google Chrome. I think they have gone through great lengths to keep web applications from passing commands to the command line for obvious security reasons.

    I thought I might as well ask though.

    Can we pass commands to a DOS shell?

    I am thinking of making a collection of utility's for Image magic.

    I have a huge folder of batch files I use for animations. It would be really nice if I had a little GUI application I run rather than looking at a huge folder of batch files.

    Thanks in advance for any enlightenment, sorry for my poor English <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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  • We should insist to Ashley to add a special plugin to access Node-webkit API, we really need it.

    There are some threads are complaining to Node-webkit exporter won't work some functions than webkit browser offers

  • FFS Joannesalfa, give it a rest. Who do you think you are to insist Ashley does something! He is obviously very busy and 1ill get around to this when he can. Just stop the constant whining, please.

  • This might be possible with - and would be suitable for - a third party plugin.

  • It's definitely possible. It also wouldn't work well as a first party plugin, since there's more than one CLI (there's not just the Windows CMD but also Linux/Unix shells), which would make the whole implementation a bit messy (IMHO).

    Lastly, I second zenox98's notion. We shouldn't blame Ashley for every miserable little thing. He might be the creator of Construct2, but he's not the creator of Node Webkit and thus certain issues might be out of his control (like the lack of support for several third party plugins or the weird looking, chewed off alert window in Node Webkit. Blaming Ashley for the lack of customization options for Node Webkit won't help either)

  • I was just asking if there was some way already available. I am not going to request anything.

    It seemed like it was not possible to begin with. I was just asking in case I was wrong.

    Construct 2 has surprised me every time I have used it. The tools and workflow are really great.

    The reason I asked, is because C2 is so amazing. It has everything I have ever wanted in a game engine.

    Things that seems nearly impossible, are completely possible with Construct 2. That is why I thought it might be available.

    I am completely happy with the current Node-Webkit features. It is far more than I expected when I purchased C2 a few months ago.

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