How do I pass browser.QueryParam in debug preview properly?

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  • I have a problem to load Browser.QueryParam with debug mode. Normal preview works fine but the debug mode does not, I think I'm missing something in the [Browser:Go To] action, please have a look and tell what I did wrong.


    How to test:

    1) open capx then run preview

    2) click the normal preview button (first tab)> it should open a new tab saying

    [quote:1531bewj]joined as: XXXXXX in room: master#####

    XXXXXX= supposed to be random

    #####=supposed to be zeropad number eg: master00001, master00005

    3) go to the first tab again, click preview debug

    joined as: XXXXXX in room: master

    ^ the ##### is missing

    joined as: XXXXXX in room: master#####

    It seems the query was not sent if I add "/debug" to the url:

    I would like to know if my syntax is incorrect? can't seem to find info on this since it's C2 exclusive. Or is it impossible by design? Or possibly unforeseen bug? Let me know.
    This won't effect my game but it is quite important for the development, because I'm attempting to create dedicated server which will create hosts for games, [b]I need to see the debug mode since there's a lot of things going on in the gamehost. Creating text for debug monitoring can be done but, it's too much that it is not practical at all compared to having debug mode preview in separate window.[/b]
    cc: @Ashley
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  • Bump.

    Guess, there's no workaround for this... tried AJAX also doesn't seems to work. Means I have to start making special layers for debug, which is quite a lot...

    Well, I appreciate if somebody manage to get this right and show the way.

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