Particles that stop moving after a while and dont die

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  • How do I create particles that are shot without gravity. They gradually decelerate then stop and dont die.

  • System set particles timescale.

  • i did, the particles dont stop, they keep moving

  • gravity=0, acceleration=-50


  • with negative acceleration the particles act as if they have gravity. I want them to decelerate and stop.

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  • Ashley ?

  • Just use zero gravity and a negative acceleration.

  • Just use zero gravity and a negative acceleration.

    I already tried that. When I use zero gravity with negative deceleration and set the particles to a high time scale- instead of decelerating to a halt, they start moving in the opposite direction after reaching their peak- as if there is gravity.

    Ashley just try doing it and you will see - this might be a bug in the latest stable version- if you didnt intend it to be that way. Can you share an example where they stop and stay alive until their timescale runs out?

  • It's because negative acceleration allows them to start reversing too. That's different to gravity, which is a constant force downwards. Maybe you want "destroy when stopped" mode?

  • Ashley - i want to keep them for a while when they stop. Then after x seconds pass (timescale), destroy them or freeze them (they cant be interacted with and are no longer active in order to save cpu).

    is that possible to do? If not - it would be very useful to have it. Keeping the particles present adds to the game feel. The player knows that way that they left a mark of something happening to the place. Particle permanence!

  • Sorry, it's not currently supported by the settings the Particles behavior provide. We could provide even more options, and there have been a bunch of other suggestions for similar tweaks, but I want to avoid making the Particles object look like the cockpit of a passenger jet. If you want customised behavior a good place to start is just creating lots of sprites with the Bullet behavior, which you can control however you like with events.

  • Ashley I can appreciate your point, but in this case you can simply make the behavior work as you intended - on a negative acceleration (deceleration) with time scale and zero gravity, it should not start moving in the opposite direction when reaching 0 speed. It should stop to a halt and stop being active until timescale kills it. It is currently adding gravity and there is no advantage of having it go in the opposite direction

    So no need to add a new gui element- simply fix the behavior's bug.

    then we will have the feature and at the cost of no extra input box

  • It's not a bug that negative acceleration allows particles to start going in reverse - it was intentional from the start - and someone somewhere probably needs it to do that. So we won't change the existing behavior.

  • ah i see. It just seems very strange that it acts as if it has gravity rather than decelerating.

    And that it only works as expected if the particles are killed when they stop.

    Is there perhaps a plugin that adds the functionality i am after?

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