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  • I'm quite new here and have been messing with the particles, but I can't seem to change the direction they spray. I have the angle set at 270 which would suggest that should spray up and it does if I make it visible when running the layout but when I spawn the particles from another object (destruction of another sprite) it has the default angle of 0. Is there a way to set it when it spawns or prior to spawning? Am I just missing something obvious?

    Thanks in advance!

  • After spawning the particle, you can use Set Angle on it to get the angle you want.

    You can even set an angle relative to the object spawning it by setting the angle to something like;


    Object being the name of the object you want to align it to, and +95 would off set the particle's angle by 95 degrees.

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  • Ah, that was it. I just added a particles-SetAngle action right under the spawn-particles action. Obvious now that I see it. :) Thanks!

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